Meet Victoria Rosenthal, Author of The 3D Diet

Writing from the trenches of her own experience, Victoria Rosenthal shares the straight skinny about why we gain weight, and how to lose it PERMANENTLY!  Facts no one else will tell you!

Victoria’s lifelong struggle with her own weight problems in many ways shaped her life.  A member of both Mensa and Intertel, the myriad facts Victoria has discovered over decades of research about weight and permanent weight loss culminated in The 3D Diet. 

Strong willed and persistent, Victoria successfully educated herself about weight loss and the medical facts no one wants us to know.  She learned these facts in spite of the numerous barriers purposely erected by the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, the food industry, and the government, as well as the enormous amount of MISinformation promulgated by all of them.

Currently residing with her beloved husband (who Victoria says has been there from size 5 to size 26 and every size in between and has loved her through all of them) and their adorable cats, Victoria has had many careers throughout her journey and considers herself to be something of a jack-of-all-trades.  A happy workaholic who travels extensively, by train, plane, and her own imagination, Victoria considers her husband, their cats, and the workaholism to be fairly permanent; everything else is a moveable feast.

Victoria Before


Victoria Today - Older,
But 120 Lbs Thinner!